We'll help you define or refine what you want your life to ultimately look like. Together, we will develop a plan based on your unique situation and goals. We will monitor your progress and adjust as needed along the way.

Our Approach

In Discovery, we:

  • Inspire you to define and describe what’s important
  • Seek to understand your history, values, and feelings around money
  • Discuss upcoming life events and/or transitions
  • Help you visualize a fulfilling and balanced life

During the Investment Education phase, we:

  • Share RTD’s investment philosophy, history, and approach
  • Review concepts such as asset allocation, diversification, and investment risk
  • Discuss your tolerance of risk
  • Illustrate our due diligence, monitoring, rebalancing, and tax planning efforts

At the Planning Projections stage, we:

  • Review our financial planning assumptions
  • Confirm your assets, liabilities, income, expense and insurance information
  • Map our various planning options to your vision and goals

Then we make Recommendations, and:

  • Recap goals, observations, recommendations, and prioritize areas to address first
  • Discuss making adjustments to life where needed – and staying motivated as you go

In Reviews & Monitoring, we:

  • Continually review your progress / alignment with your goals
  • Proactively identify opportunities and work together to identify next steps
  • Address and adapt to any changes to your lifestyle, income, or to external market conditions

Enjoy life, knowing we’re keeping a close eye on your situation, charting progress, and identifying opportunities to improve your future!

Life itself doesn’t stand still and neither should your plan. As your partner, we help you stay focused on what’s important. As your goals and priorities evolve, RTD will be there to make sure your Financial Life Plan keeps pace.

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Our collaborative approach is designed to provide clarity to your unique situation, turning questions into answers and concerns into actionable solutions.

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