RTD Financial works closely with boards and finance committees to develop and maintain high-impact investment plans that meet today’s needs while ensuring a stronger tomorrow.

Rooted in our financial planning heritage, our time-tested approach provides the organization’s leadership with tailored financial modeling, which connects your objectives with the right investment strategy to successfully reach them. Our team then ensures the organization remains on track through customized board and finance committee reporting as well as providing education for all key organizational stakeholders and new board members.

RTD partners with you in the development of an Investment Policy Statement and a documented compliance monitoring system. These services are coupled with a modern online dashboard to not only help shield fiduciaries from personal liability but keep them informed every step of the way.

Build the bridge to a greater impact by working with an experienced, dedicated team. With formal training in serving as a fiduciary, for fiduciaries, we specialize in working with national and international nonprofits like yours. As a trusted partner to the organization, we create a personalized experience to bring clarity and confidence of the best path forward, that balances the needs of today while ensuring the sustainability of tomorrow.

The Fiduciary Difference

Reduced entity and personal liability
Total transparency - full disclosure of all fees and compensation
Guidance in establishing, formalizing, and refining fiduciary objectives
Connecting portfolio design to meeting strategic objectives
Financial modeling to meet strategic goals
Development and/or maintenance of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
A disciplined monitoring process comparing investment performance against appropriate indices, peer groups, and Investment Policy Statement objectives
Formalized watch list process
A secure online vault for documenting fiduciary process

The RTD Experience

Dedicated focus on nonprofit investment management
Formalized training and a proven history of successful outcomes
Established processes, communication and regular updates
Providing clarity between investment choices and big-picture planning
Reinforcing past decision making to new board and committee members
Socially aligned investment offering
Best-in-class low cost investment vehicles
Quarterly investment monitoring reports
Detailed commentary on investments by RTD Investment Policy Committee
Documented watch list and replacement process
Periodic reviews to ensure use of the lowest available cost share class
Act as a liaison between the organization and other services providers

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