What differentiates RTD from other advisory firms?

  • We are fiduciaries – we take a moral, ethical, and legal oath to act in clients’ best interests – always.
  • Our fees are a fixed fee for service, which helps limit conflicts of interests.
  • We are significantly more than just a money manager. We help clients develop, implement, and monitor plans, track their progress, and understand the impact of various changes and decisions.
  • We know how to listen. We take the time to learn about our clients before we learn about their money. Simply put, the questions we ask our clients and the counseling we provide – on matters that go far beyond the dollars and cents – brings tremendous value.

What does RTD’s ideal Personal Wealth Management client look like?

  • Individuals or families who want, need, and value custom-tailored holistic advice and comprehensive planning from a long-term partner – someone who is professional and experienced.

I see RTD is independent. What exactly does that mean and how does it benefit me?

  • RTD is employee-owned. We are not affiliated with any other organization, bank, brokerage, or entity. We don’t answer to outside investors or third parties and we are not accountable to anyone for things like short-term financial performance metrics. We are happy and proud to only be accountable to our clients. Our independence allows us to deliver the best service, responsiveness, care, and objective, conflict-free advice to our clients – always.

Do I need to have a certain amount of wealth or income to become an RTD client?

  • No. RTD does not impose asset or income minimums.

What are RTD’s fees?

  • While RTD does not impose an asset or income minimum, we do have a minimum fee. Fees for Personal Wealth Management services start at $1,500/quarter. Fees are based on a client’s unique situational circumstances, total resources, and attention requirements. This fee generally remains fixed unless clients experience material changes. We need to learn about each client before quoting an expected fee range.

Will RTD try to sell me any products?

  • No. RTD does not sell any kinds of products. We’re not licensed to and we don’t want to. This means no commissions or variable fees.

Does RTD maintain any proprietary offerings?

  • No. Our independence allows us to take an open-architecture approach. This means we continually seek the best methods, investments, tools, and solutions for our clients. We, and thus our clients, are never limited by or forced to use proprietary RTD offerings because they do not exist.

How do I know exactly what I’m paying in fees to RTD at any point in time?

  • Each quarter, an easy-to-read receipt showing the quarterly fee, in dollars, is uploaded to the client portal along with a notification.

If I decide to partner with RTD, what happens next?

  • We begin our six step process which is built to be both proactive and agile. Starting with a Discovery phase, we focus on listening and understanding your situation and unique needs. From there, we then tailor a plan to you that is constantly evaluated and adjusted as needed.