Jeff A. Weiand, CFP®, AIF®

Jeff Weiand is passionate about understanding what is most important in the lives of his clients. Jeff’s greatest strength is tailoring advice to help clients make smart financial decisions – in essence, delivering a roadmap to efficiently guide them toward living their best life with the resources they have.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Over the years, Jeff has gained valuable, real-life experience by proactively observing decision making that has led to both favorable and, unfortunately, less than favorable outcomes. He has witnessed the consequence of procrastination where the hopes of “someday I’ll get to that” never came to be; life always throws out unanticipated challenges. He has witnessed others taking on unnecessary financial risk that led to ultimately having to live a lifestyle that was well below anything they were ever accustomed to. Jeff witnessed a close relative, who as far back as he can remember, was always the hardest working person on the planet. He kept working until he was physically and mentally unable to work any longer, and not because he wanted to, but because he felt he needed to.

These lessons and many more have inspired a deep passion to ensure that others can position themselves to live the best possible life they can. Living a life full of purpose and without regrets, can be challenging, but it’s truly possible for everyone who makes the effort and takes the time to plan properly.

Lifelong Commitment to RTD

Jeff joined the firm in 1985. It’s not very common today for people to commit to not only a profession, but to the same firm for life, and yet that’s what Jeff has done. His pride for the incredible people around him and for what the firm has been able to deliver to clients over the years is why there has never been a thought of working elsewhere.

Jeff has served on RTD’s Investment Policy Committee since 1990.  Responsibilities include establishing investment policy for the firm and determining the appropriate investment vehicles to be utilized. His current focus also includes developing effective strategies to mitigate risk, navigate the preparation and transition to retirement, manage longevity challenges, and safeguarding cashflow needs. Jeff recognizes that money is a tool used to support the needs and aspirations of our clients and that a sound investment plan must work in concert with, and be aligned with, everyone’s unique financial plan.

Education and Charitable Aspirations

A graduate of Rutgers College in New Brunswick, NJ in 1984, Jeff earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a concentration in Finance. He has served on the Financial Planning Association’s Investment Policy Committee, TD Ameritrade’s National Advisory Panel, the Family Resource Management Statewide Advisory Council for the state of New Jersey and had been active with Philadelphia Futures mentoring high school students with college ambitions. Jeff also served on the board of the Delaware Valley Stroke Council.

Currently, Jeff serves on the board of Hosts for Hospitals, an organization providing much needed lodging for patients and families who come to our incredible region for medical treatment and care from all over the world.

Food, Finance, and Fun

A resident of Center City Philadelphia, Jeff enjoys walking to the office whenever possible.  He is passionate about cooking, enjoying great food, sports, working out, skiing, the Jersey shore and frequenting the great restaurants/BYOB’s this city has to offer.  He is a true believer that investing has a purpose that goes far beyond asset allocation, diversification and managing risk. Investing in your life and pursuing your dreams with confidence offers the greatest return one can ever achieve.

Getting to know Jeff

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

My devotion and dedication to RTD where I have spent my entire career for the past 35+ years.

Professional Awards, Designations & Memberships

Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
Global Financial Steward™
Financial Planning Association
National Association of Personal Financial Advisors