After formally declaring Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of our firm’s esteemed Core Values, we decided it was only appropriate to establish a Donor Advised Fund, using a portion of our profits to direct funds to worthy organizations. We established the RTD Financial Charitable Fund to make a meaningful impact in our communities through charitable giving by supporting:

  • Local organizations
  • Organizations that share our core values
  • Organizations related to, and in support of, the interests and involvement of our clients, our employees and our profession

Every year, a percentage of our profits are contributed to the fund, which is managed by The Philadelphia Foundation. The fund is employee-directed; our employees submit grant proposals, describing why an organization is important to them and how it aligns with the mission of the RTD Financial Charitable Fund. The grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the CSR Committee and selected in consideration of the proposal and the quarter’s grant budget. We grant a minimum of $1,500 each quarter. Since establishment of the fund in October 2018, we’ve granted over $19,000 in support of 23 unique organizations!

In addition to funding our Donor Advised Fund, we also support employee giving by matching charitable donations up to $100 per employee, each year. Many of our team members serve on nonprofit boards, organize fundraisers, and volunteer their time and talent with remarkable organizations. We’re thrilled to contribute to organizations they passionately support!

Charitable giving and Corporate Social Responsibility are very important to us – and we’ve taken steps to ensure these priorities have a thoughtful process. We’re looking forward to expanding our impact over the coming years and continuing to make a difference in our communities!