• Established formal RTD University and mentorship program

    Continuing on our path of further education and personal growth.

  • Invested in technology to expand our virtual capabilities

    Enhanced our capability to service clients anywhere.

  • Celebrated our 35th Anniversary Gala Event

    Hosted at the Barnes Foundation to thank our clients, strategic partners and employees.

  • Formalized our Trust & Non-Profit Services

    To deliver expanded fiduciary services beyond investment management by incorporating financial planning analysis.

  • Acquired Pinnacle Financial Advisors, LLC

    To continue to expand our knowledge and expertise inorganically, and add a talented team of professionals.

  • Established the RTD Charitable Fund

    To coordinate and consolidate our philanthropic efforts as a firm.

  • Acquired Financial Vision Advisors

    To expand our knowledge and expertise inorganically.

  • Pioneered Flat Fee approach for client advisory fees

    Driven to further mitigate or eliminate conflicts of interest.

  • Formalized and expanded our Employer Retirement Plan Services

    Helping deliver our fiduciary approach to employer retirement plans.

  • Early adopter of asset location, tax harvesting and opportunistic rebalancing

    Committed to investing in technology to execute our investing approach efficiently and effectively

  • Pioneered the Life-Centered approach to financial planning

    Inspired the shift to focus on not just money alone, but on what matters most - living your best life with the money you have.

  • Established a Client Advisory Board

    To be the voice of our clients so we can continually improve.

  • Established our paid Internship program

    Committed to helping students gain experience.

  • Pioneered the Fee-Only compensation model

    Driven to mitigate or eliminate conflicts of interest.

  • Launched our Company Retirement Plan Services

    To support the needs of our emerging business owner clients.

  • Opened headquarters in Philadelphia

    Committed to establishing roots in the Philadelphia and it's surrounding region.

  • RTD Financial Advisors, Inc. was incorporated

    Inspired by knowing there was a better way to deliver independent, objective financial advice.