As a board or finance committee member, you want to strengthen your organization’s position today, while ensuring its long-term sustainability. This calls for a proven partner that supports your goals, satisfying complex fiduciary requirements while also adapting to market changes as needed.

Here’s what our approach will accomplish for you:

The RTD Approach


  •  Share your organization’s story with RTD
  • Express the nonprofit’s big picture strategic goals
  • Communicate the needs of today and tomorrow
  • Envision how you define the entity’s success


  •  Understand your nonprofit’s reserve policies and board restrictions
  • Quantify the current and future needs of the organization
  • Identify fiduciary breaches in IPS
  • Evaluate committee’s investment risk tolerance


  • Learn the potential challenges of reaching strategic goals
  • Discover the investment risk level to meet these goals and needs
  • Collaborate on improvements to IPS
  • Determine investment cost savings opportunities


  • Clarity on cash flows coming from investment reserves
  • Eliminate deficiencies in IPS
  • Meet fiduciary duties by documenting investment plan
  • Create transparency and trust for committee members


  • Delegate investment management liability
  • Conveniently stay informed via website or RTD mobile app
  • Easy online access to all fiduciary reports


  • Clarity that investment plan continues to match goals
  • Easily evaluate progress in meeting targeted investment returns
  • Reduced fiduciary burden from documented ongoing compliance with IPS

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