Burke Donnelly, CPFA™

As a Client Service Associate with the Employer Retirement Plan team at RTD Financial, Burke works with plan participants, plan sponsors, and strategic partners to provide a dedicated and thorough service, wholly contingent on the participants best interests.

Before RTD Financial, Burke graduated from the Honors College at Rutgers-Camden with a dual degree in Political Science and Philosophy, and a minor in Legal Studies; he completed his associate degree at Camden County Community College. Before his time at Rutgers-Camden and CCC, Burke worked at Willis Towers Watson and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, as a Benefits Specialist and Home Mortgage Consultant, respectively. Throughout both his professional career and personal life, Burke has continuously worked to better his skill-set and interpersonal traits; he has found that meaningful conversation and thoughtful deliberation can strengthen and grow any interaction or situation. Now at RTD, Burke looks forward to bringing every available tool he has, to do what he has envisioned himself doing as a vocation and believes firmly his contribution will provide success both internally and externally.

Burke’s interests include spending time with his wife and stepdaughter, reading, and writing. 

Getting to know Burke

What do you enjoy most working at RTD?

I enjoy the focused dedication towards the clients at RTD. A firm which puts this methodology front and center attracts the top, and most invested talent, and having the opportunity to be a part of this makes me feel valued as an individual.

What makes you good at what you do?

I seek to be as sincere as possible in every interaction, and in doing so, I hope it allows others to feel comfortable around me. I have found that taking this approach allows me to be more deeply invested in the context of a situation, which ultimately leaves, as they say, no stone unturned when trying to figure out what the best interests of the participants are.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

My father’s advice has allowed me to both broaden those I consider a part of my family, and also look at those related to me by blood as not just a family member, but a truly valued and respected individual that is a part of my life. A family is a collective of individuals with identities that run deeper than blood, and I find acknowledging the truth of someone’s personage, in and of only themselves, to be the greatest honor one can bestow on another.

What book has made the biggest impact on you and why?

I always find myself drawn to either Homer’s The Odyssey or Dante’s Divine Comedy. The strength of the narrative, along with the vividness in the details pulls me into these stories time and time again. What I also find appealing about these works is that they in a way provide a history lesson wrapped up in a tale, giving fiction a depth that penetrates our reality.

What’s the most exciting vacation you’ve taken?

I found Jamaica to be an absolutely wonderful experience. What made it so exciting was having the opportunity to meet new people while absorbing a completely new culture; some of the most fascinating things I learned was all of the things a coconut could be used for!

Professional Designations & Memberships

Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor™