Jeff Metz, Senior Vice President at RTD Financial, recently completed a course on Public Charities through the Villanova Graduate Tax Program.

The course focused on the important role charitable organization’s play in our economy, why people set them up, and how an organization can qualify for tax-exempt status or furthermore a public charity. Jeff learned how important governance is to remaining compliant with the Internal Revenue Code regulations, and focused on how an organization can maintain their tax-exempt status. This done through what is considered to be good governance, observance of the prohibition against private inurement and private benefit and following all compliance obligations. Recently, public charities have been pairing with private enterprises within the tech industry. Jeff took away an understanding of the different options for formation and the ways that different forms of nonprofits can meet different objectives, as well as an understanding of how to form a nonprofit including the various state issues.

Consider contacting Jeff if you are interested in financially supporting or volunteering for a Board position, or would like guidance on researching charitable organizations.