Impact 100SJ was founded to change the way charitably minded women donate money.  It is a collective giving group which pools money donated by its members to make an impactful grant to a local non-profit organization.  Impact 100SJ was chartered in 2018 and was recently recognized in South Jersey Magazine. The goal of Impact100 is to bring together 100 women, contributing $1,000 each year, who identify and vote on worthy grant recipients, resulting in a $100,000 grant to one local non-profit.

Irene Giman, a charter member, is recognized in the article, and is serving as co-chair of the Grants Review Committee as well as on the Leadership Council.  In reflecting on the grant making process, Irene noted “For me, it’s been really interesting learning about the grant process, looking at the projects that these organizations are seeking funding for and being stewards of our members’ money,” she says. “They’re trusting us to review everything and make a [worthy] selection. It’s a real responsibility but very interesting and there are so many wonderful people involved.”

We are pleased to say that RTD Financial is a sponsor of this worthy organization.

You can find the full article here.