Pearl Jakes

Pearl Jakes is an Office Coordinator at RTD Financial. In addition to welcoming clients and colleagues, Pearl assists with various administrative tasks, communicating with clients on a daily basis to schedule meetings and coordinate internal functions.

Prior to working for RTD, Pearl spent fifteen years with Tiffany & Co. as a customer service coordinator. She also served in a public relations role, coordinating all special events. In addition to Tiffany & Co. Pearl also worked for Goldman Sachs in New York City for four years in Information Technology.

Pearl is a proud alumnus of Pierce College in Philadelphia, where she studied Computer Science and Business Administration. Pearl is the head of the Client Experience Committee at RTD. The committee is responsible for creating a world-class client experience by recognizing the milestones, accomplishments, birthdays, and special moments in the lives of our clients.

Pearl resides in Bucks County, PA with her husband Frank. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and cooking. She’s a huge fan of her Philadelphia teams, music (especially R&B and Jazz!), protecting and caring for animals, helping others, and living life to the fullest. Pearl also loves gardening and is well on her way to becoming quite the green thumb!

Getting to know Pearl

What do you enjoy most about working at RTD? 

I enjoy working with my colleagues and our clients. I really appreciate how the firm supports and values their employees and how much care they put into servicing clients.

What makes you good at what you do?  I love working with our clients and I have had the opportunity to build relationships with many of them over the years. I absolutely love what I do and truly enjoy talking to our clients and assisting them with anything they may need.

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

I was honored when Roy T. Diliberto, the founder of RTD recognized me in his book, Basic Truth for Financial Life Planners: Building A Profitable Client Centered Practice as well as in some of his articles that have been published in Financial Advisor Magazine.